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About the Magazine

Rupantar- The Destiny for Revolution is an Electronic Magazine published quarterly by Aequitas Victoria Foundation with the aim to spread awareness on contemporary social issues and to allow young students across the country to explore their views and opinions through the medium of creative expressions on the theme of Social Justice and Rights of Individuals in order to bring a social change in the Country.

Founder and History:
The Founder and Co-Founder of Aequitas Victoria Foundation, Mr. Jayanta Boruah and Mr. Sarthak Aryan respectively planned for establishing a platform to spread awareness on social issues amongst the students. The plan for opening this Magazine even formed the backbone of creating the Aequitas Victoria Foundation as a publisher. The working and development process started as soon as the First Foundation Day celebration of the organization on August 15th, 2020 was over. The first issue was published on October 2020. The year 2020 which was marked as a blockade in the development of constructive platforms due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Subsequently 2 issues where published in the year 2020 which makes up the Volume 1, and 4 issues where published in the year 2021 which makes up the Volume 2.

Date of Inauguration:
August 15, 2020

Frequency of Publication:
Quarterly (after every three months)

Mode of Publication:

Medium of Publication:
English and Hindi

It shall covers interviews, articles, poem, creative and artistic contributions from the field of literature and performing arts that are publishable online in book format and extends to whole of India.

-To spread social awareness amongst the masses
-To provide a platform for promoting young talents.
-To provide a platform for everyone to exercise their Freedom of Speech and Expression subject to reasonable restrictions.
-To bring about an ideological revolution by inspiring constructive ideas through creativity in the human society.
-To cherish the great value of our composite cultural heritage.
-To develop an endeavor for nurturing human emotions in a matured and developed manner with modern values in collaboration with traditional values for development of morality in the contemporary society.