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The Magic of Social Media: Survey Analysis

Analysis by Bhoomika Bhagat


The Managing team of the magazine, Rupantar: The Destiny for Revolution conducted a General survey on Animal Welfare.

We asked our audience on which social media platform they have seen the posts spreading awareness about animal welfare & animal cruelty recently.

Unsurprisingly, Instagram is the rising cause behind most participants’ awareness of rescue organizations, followed closely by Facebook, YouTube, and Whatsapp. Twitter and the medium of news, however, fall low on the radar of the sample studied. While most responses came in from North India (specifically Guwahati, Delhi, Noida, and Pune), the emerging trend of social media makes it believable that most Indians are inclined to get their information online. This data suggests that it is in the animal rescue organizations’ best interests to invest a good amount of time and energy in promoting their cause on social media. If awareness is the goal, there is no better tool than an Instagram story!

In India, the land where animals are worshipped the most, it is unfortunate to see the rising toll of cases of animal cruelty. While some would disagree, 67.5% of participants believe in this harsh reality. Standing witness to inhumanity should not be the goal anymore; rather, participating in local efforts to fight it should be our priority. Volunteer with your local animal shelter today!


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