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General Survey on Animal Welfare: Analysis

Analysis by Manasvi Kayarkar


The Managing team of the magazine, Rupantar: The Destiny for Revolution conducted a General survey on Animal Welfare.

A general survey on animal welfare was undertaken by the Foundation. This was a fantastic move, as survey replies frequently aid in analysis, finding an underlying issue, and, as a result, in developing solutions to address the social issue and make the world a better place to live. The survey received 100+ responses from people of various professions and from all around India. As a result of the active participation, it is clear that the problem of animal welfare is extremely important. It was shown that 67% of respondents did not own a pet, while 32 percent did.

  • 99 percent of the people believe in feeding and assisting any animal in need. They also believe that animals have consciousness and may experience pain.

  • 98 percent of respondents believe animal cruelty is terrible and should be prohibited. We can definitely assert, based on these figures, that those who defend their behavior and harsh deeds against animals by claiming that they are not clever or as advanced as humans are mistaken.

According to the survey results, half of the respondents have personally witnessed animal cruelty. As a result, we can deduce that, among the many social media platforms, Instagram is spreading the greatest animal cruelty awareness. There are no Animal Rescue Organizations operating in their city, according to 54 percent of respondents. The remaining 46 percent, on the other hand, have heard of such organisation. The 94 percent of respondents who believe that severe regulations should be enacted to punish those accused of animal cruelty are certainly sympathetic.

  • "Humans losing humanity" - Rising instances of animal cruelty in India, land where they are worshipped. Do you agree with the statement?

The graph above indicates where the responders agreed with the statement “Humans losing humanity - Rising instances of animal cruelty in India, land where they are worshipped”.

67 percent of respondents agree with the given statement, 16 percent are indecisive, and 17 percent disagree. As a result, it may be argued that people nowadays are aware of animal abuse. Instagram, in conjunction with other social media platforms, can be used to raise awareness about this delicate issue. Once the general public recognizes the necessity of being empathetic to animals who are unable to express themselves, they can be safeguarded and given a happy life.


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