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Awareness of Local Animal Rescue Organisations

Analysis by Bhoomika Bhagat


The Managing team of the magazine, Rupantar: The Destiny for Revolution conducted a General survey on Animal Welfare.

At the end of 2019, when the nation began heading into its first brush with COVID-19, society was eager to begin hunkering down for the crisis ahead. While more than most have found ways to cope with the global disaster, there are a few sections of society whose perils still remain unvoiced -- namely, animals.

Animal welfare has long been a patron cause for most of us. A general survey conducted among the readers at Rupantar found that at least 98.7% of the participants firmly believe in intending to and feeding animals in need, despite half the responders not having pets of their own. This unequivocal empathy and compassion for animals is no surprise for a species that has long domesticated dogs, cats, sheep, and even horses as their own. Yet, when it comes to awareness about the available aid for animals, the existing knowledge seems few and far between.

PETA and SPCA, being of international acclaim, have managed to make a sizable impression on people’s awareness of animal rescue organizations in India. Aadhar for Animals and People for Animals, on the other hand, has a rather local but focused outreach, managing to grab the attention of the average Indian citizen with their rehabilitation, adoption, and rescue efforts. While these organizations are being recognized for their fight on the frontlines of animal welfare, several local organizations have pushed their efforts to the best of their capabilities as well. However, with the majority of people being unaware of animal rescue organizations in and around them, the question remains: how do we expand outreach efforts?


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