Volume 2 Issue 7

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Scam Alert: Instagram Copyright Violation Scam on the Rise

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Saura Patil

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Entertainment Law

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Social Media is the new age, but it isn�t without its risks. The news that has surfaced recently is that, cybercrime masterminds have found a new and sophisticated way to target Instagram users through an email phishing scam. For all those unaware of what phishing is, it�s a trick. It�s a trick used by such scammers to trick probable victims into revealing sensitive information through fraudulent and misleading messages and dubious login pages. This information can inter alia include date of birth, emails, location and phone numbers. The scammers can extract this information through malicious links and gain complete access to the victims� accounts. The people who are most exposed for these kind of scams are Instagram Influences and Creators who often have their email IDs or phone numbers attached to their profiles. They are more susceptible to getting scam emails highlighting copyright infringement. The Scammers sent fake copyright notices through emails and asked the victims to prove innocence by providing a link to object to the complaint. The security firm highlights that the Instagrammers are receiving a message on the account that goes �Hello, we recently received a complaint about a post on your Instagram. Your post has been reported as infringing copyright. Your account will be removed if no objection is made to copyrighted work. If you think this determination is incorrect, please fill out the objection form from the link below.� After this, the malicious website then asks to input your email address and your Instagram password. Them is pretends that you made an error typing in your password and tells you to try again. Ultimately, Instagram users are tricked into providing their password which compromises their Instagram account completely.