Volume 2 Issue 7

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Russia and Belarus practice repelling an external attack during joint drills

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Utkarsh Karpe

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Martial Law

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Russia and Belarus will rehearse repelling an external assault as soon as they preserve joint army drills in Belarus next month, either aspect said on Tuesday, at a time of acute tensions with the West over neighbouring Ukraine. Russian navy forces and hardware commenced arriving in ex-Soviet Belarus on Monday for the "Allied Resolve" drills to be held near Belarus's western border with NATO contributors Poland and Lithuania and shut to its southern flank with Ukraine. The West has voiced fears of a viable invasion of Ukraine through tens of thousands of Russian troops gathered near its border. Russia has denied such plans. Deputy Russian Defence Minister Alexander Fomin is saying that the goal of the exercise is to fine-tune the tasks of suppressing and repelling external aggression during a protective operation, countering terrorism and protecting the interests of the Union State. Fomin stated 12 Sukhoi Su-35 fighter jets, two devices of the S-400 anti-aircraft missile machine and a Pantsir missile gadget would be deployed to Belarus for the drills. The Belarusian Defence Ministry said that within the first phase of the drills, which runs until Feb. 9, both aspects will rehearse deploying troops, defending navy amenities and assessing their troops' air defence capabilities. the ministry said, in the 2d section of the exercises, which will be from Feb. 10-20, Russian and Belarusian troops will go over destroying unlawful armed formations and the enemy's sabotage and reconnaissance groups. Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko, a pariah in the West because of a post-election crackdown in 2020 and the remaining year's migrant disaster with the European Union, stated the drills have been wanted as Ukraine had built up troops close to Belarus.