Volume 2 Issue 7

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Madras High Court orders online registration system for sportspersons in the wake of nepotism accusations.

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Samiksha Anil Malvade

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Sports Law

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S. Nithya, a state- level discus thrower, in the case of S. Nithya v. The Secretary to the Union of India, Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports & Ors; had recently accused the State Association of Tamil Nadu for indulging in nepotism and detracting rightful funds that were required to participate in the national events. Her accusations also uncovered some unfaithful practices of the Tamil Nadu State Association regarding duping eligible sportspersons out of their right to funds and other necessary provisions. The single-judge bench of R. Mahadevan, directed the involved authorities, including common Sports Authorities and Federations to come up with an online registration system for district level, state level and national level events. Furthermore, the court ordered the authorities to clarify the amount of allowances to he spent on each player/sportsperson by posting a clear script of it on their official website. Additionally, to address the allegations of unfairness and nepotism, the court has prescribed that every position of importance in every sports Organization, Federation and State Association should ideally be held by an eminent sports person. Apart from the positions of responsibility, the court has directed that these sports organizations should be managed by fellow sportspersons and every organization is to maintain a 75% of minimum members that are sports persons.