Volume 2 Issue 7

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Any Material Demanded By In-Laws Is Dowry: Supreme court

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Anuradha Patel

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Family Law

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The Supreme Court has stated that ordering money for the building of a home under Section 304B of the Indian Penal Code is �dowry harassment. The Supreme Court passed the sentence in a case in which a man and his father were sentenced in a dowry murder case. The bench including Chief Justice NV Ramana, Justice AS Bopanna and Justice Hima Kohli stated that Section 304-B of the IPC has arrived unsettling level to deal with the sociable sin of dowry demand. The apex court held that any property or valuable property falls within its purview under the condition which determines the term ''dowry''. The tribunal erred in its decision that the money order for the building of the house could not have ministered as a dowry demand. If so, the Supreme Court has held an inquiry into the happening in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The sufferer asked her family members to offer her money to construct the house, remarking that this could not be deemed as a dowry demand. The Supreme Court is attending an appeal filed by the Madhya Pradesh government against the High Court verdict. A woman commits suicide after being tormented to bring money from her family. The trial court oversaw that the two were culpable of dowry death. We are of the view that the trial court has accurately remarked on the need for money ordered by the respondents from the deceased for the building of the house, which falls within the meaning of the term dowry. The deceased was repeatedly tormented and oppressed to reach her family members for money to build a house. With this, some amount had to be asked for the construction of the house, the tribunal said. The tribunal also informed that there were records of harassment for bringing money.