Volume 2 Issue 7

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14th round of military talks between India-China fails again

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Utkarsh Karpe

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Martial Law

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The 14th army talk between India and China on Wednesday produced no high-quality consequences but the two countries are searching for together desirable solutions to unravel the impasse, in Ladakh LAC. Although both facets will issue statements to the press nowadays it is clear that the Indian facet has not been in a position to persuade the PLA to withdraw its troops from Gogra-Hot Springs near Kongka La whilst resolving the troubles of weekly rights at Depsang Bulge in Daulet Beg Oldi sector and Charding Nullah Junction in Demchok Sector. The Indian Army and the PLA Commanders will still interact in the future but there is no guarantee as to whether the PLA will restore the reputation of April 2020 at Gogra-Hot Springs or solve the problem of Depsang Bulge or CNJ. The Indian Army has interestingly raised the issue of the PLA building a bridge over Pangong Tso, east of Srijap, for faster troop deployment and rapid militarization of the occupied area from Aksai Chin through Aksai Chin Chinese army along the 597 km Ladakh LAC. Both the Indian and PLA armies are locked at some stage in a stand-off right along Ladakh LAC. Since then, the 2 facets are entirely deployed with over three divisions of troops on all facets with missile, rocket, artillery and tank regiments except for the Air Force is on standby inside the hinterland. The PLA by using transgressing in Pangong Tso, Galwan, Gogra-Hot Springs region in May 2020 broke the bilateral 1993 and 1996 peace and tranquillity agreements signed at the extent of heads of states. The Modi government has decided to bilateral relations in cold storage till such time Beijing does not resolve the Ladakh LAC.