About the NGO

Aequitas Victoria Foundation is a non-profit and non-governmental organization that aims at making access to justice possible for everyone living across the country based on the notion - 'promoting access to justice, to live a life in peace'. To make access to justice possible for everyone, it is important that all are made aware of their rights and are provided with the minimum legal assistance so that they can approach proper institutions adopting the efficient mechanism for addressing their grievances.

Aequitas Victoria Foundation is registered in India, under the Societies Registration Act, 21, 1860. It is also indexed under ISNI (international standard name identifier).

NGO Registration no.: S000060,

ISNI no.: 0000000502629766, and

Ring Gold ID.: 597836,

NGO Darpan Unique Id: BR/2021/0294541

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MNDAY is an interactive website of the “Aequitas Victoria Foundation” which is registered in India, under the Societies Registration Act, 21, 1860.


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It is a unique, neutral, and trusted platform intending to support a free, independent, and multicultural pluralistic ecosystem for the exchange of ideas and opinions. It is an international network for debaters and individuals who support a certain cause, and also a platform for high-level discussion for people across different countries.


  • To create awareness amongst the masses by providing information related to contemporary issues by organizing debates, panel discussions, awareness campaign. conferences, seminars, etc.;

  • To provide the member with the opportunity to bolster their self-confidence and public speaking skills through competitive debating sessions.

  • To provide platforms to the individuals who support a cause in other countries related to promoting peace, rights of the individuals, human rights violations, protecting democratic values, and rule of law, etc.

  • To organize national and international level debating competitions among different colleges and universities to bolster the debating ecosystem in the country.

  • To promote an ecosystem for the peaceful, neutral, dignified, and uninterrupted exchange of opinions, ideas, and information without malice on contemporary issues.